This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Stein. Selecting the person's name will take you to that person's individual page.

Name Birth date
Arnt Arntsen [I0409]estimated 1700-00-00
Dorete Arntsdatter [I0415]1738-00-00
Gjertrud Jonsdatter [I0463]1799-00-00
Ingeborg Anne Jørgensdatter [I0349]1818-08-28
Ingeborg Olsdatter [I0406]estimated between 1717-00-00 and 1718-00-00
Inger Nilsdatter [I0374]1765-00-00
Jens Jonsen [I0395]1758-00-00
Jon Jonsen [I0585]1755-00-00
Jon Jonsen [I0421]1755-00-00
Jonetta Jensdatter [I0344]1783-00-00
Jørgen Paulsen [I0343]1780-00-00
Ole Sivertsen [I0407]1757-00-00
Oliana Jørgensdatter [I0351]1824-00-00
Paul Jørgensen [I0370]1738-00-00
Pauline Jørgensdatter [I0185]1824-00-00
Peder Paulsen [I0373]1769-00-00
Sivert Arntsen [I0405]1728-00-00
Sivert Jensen [I0401]1792-00-00
Synnøve Nilsdatter [I0581]estimated 1708-00-00